3 questions to Amado Vrieswijk


Winner of the slalom event at the Mercedes-Benz Windsurf World Cup Sylt in Germany, Amado Vrieswijk is the surprise outsider who will be going for a world title in Japan next November, after the one he won in freestyle last year. For, he looks back on this great victory in Sylt and his upcoming participation in the iQFOil World Championships in Brest in a few days... It was an event with ups and downs for all competitors, what do you think made the difference in your favour?
Amado Vrieswijk: For me, it was all about having clean races. Not being to agressive at the marks or the starts, but to make sure I get into the winners final. I feel in the first 2 days I was to agressive. Always wanted to have the best start and trying to make places at the marks which cost me the winners final 2 times.


WJ: By gaining weight and training a lot in foil, you had to sacrifice the freestyle discipline... Was it a difficult choice?
AV: It was not a difficult choice for me as I managed to win the freestyle world title last year and with only 1 event offered this year it was an easy choice. I have been doing a lot of iQFOil and always loved racing besides the Freestyle. The foils are very interesting, and I think we will be able to go way faster in the future.


WJ: 2 important events are coming up, the iQFOil World Championships in Brest and the 2nd and last PWA slalom event in Japan, how will you approach them?
AV: For the iQFoil I will have to reset my way of sailing again as the iQFoil discipline is a lot about testing and finding the right gears. So after Sylt I had 2 days in Holland to repack my van and drove straight to Brest to get as many hours on the water and to get used to the conditions here. For PWA Japan next month, I will focus on that again after the Worlds here in Brest. In Japan, it will be down to fine-tuning the gear and work on some things I know I can improve. And again, the aim will be to have clean races and of course a lot of fun and hopefully the results will come!


Source: Amado Vrieswijk
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