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Born in the spring of 2005, is an online magazine dedicated to windsurfing news, it is a totally free informative website, whose economic model is based exclusively on its advertisers financial support and trust...

This personal project, launched more than 15 years ago, and is driven by the love and passion for the sport as well as the unfailing passion of its creator (Philippe Lavigne). shares this passion with you by keeping you informed of the latest news in our sport, while maintaining the precious thread that unites the participants with their favorite discipline. The convictions and passion are still there but the health crisis, always present and its consequences are still part of our every day life, logically led us these last few months to question ourselves on the future of the website and its evolution...

If is a free media (and it will remain so!), it is time for us to look upon ourselves and review our economic model (in addition to our most loyal advertisers whom we thank in passing!). Therefore we decided to launch a participatory subscription to because we need your support and it will prove to be indispensable and precious for the future!

With your contribution to, we will be able to continue to bring you the news of the most beautiful sport in the world, doing our job of journalists, a job that is often much more complex than it seems with many informational tools in place to be aware of the news.... With your support, we will be able to go even further in our approach of investigation, research and monitoring and also by developing original formats such as exclusive videos and podcasts.

Whether you are an amateur windsurfer, a professional rider, a shop manager, the owner of a brand or just an anonymous, you can support because this website is first and foremost yours, and because we are convinced that you, the reader, whether you are occasional or regular, but always passionate about windsurfing, can also contribute to our work!


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