The 2 faces of Cloudbreak


The Fiji Surf Pro, which is part of the PWA IWT Unified Wave Tour, continue with the quarter finals on Sunday, with Ricardo Campello, Baptiste Cloarec, Antoine Martin and Robby Swift now among the favourites, at a very different Cloudbreak to the first day of competition on Thursday.

After a magical day on Thursday at Cloudbreak in Fiji, Sunday promises to be a very different affair as the Fiji Surf Pro continues with the wind only picking up in the middle of the afternoon and the swell dropping significantly, but still with some great waves. A change of scenery, but also a change of programme for the waveriders still in contention. Where Thursday was all about commitment, this time it's all about wave placement and selection. With the swell dropping, Cloudbreak has taken on a whole new look, with a 2nd section on the inside allowing for a succession of aerials and the chance to pick up some valuable points.

Ricardo Campello and Antoine Albert were the first to book their ticket to the semi-finals, with the best score of the day on V-111 (11.70 points) and Albert looking very comfortable on this wave, which is very similar to one he knows well, Tenia in New Caledonia.
In the next round, Baptiste Cloarec, who had already impressed on day one, kept up the momentum with a committed style that allowed him to qualify for the next round in the company of Antony Ruenes, who was also very diligent with his wave choices.

Just like last Thursday, Antoine Martin is determined to establish himself as one of the favourites of this event. His surfing skills enabled him to reach the semi-finals against the Japanese Takuma Sugi. In the final heat of the day, Robby Swift showed impressive motivation and determination, while Marc Paré put in a clean and effective performance.
As the wind dies down and the sun sets, the second day of competition at the Fiji Surf Pro comes to an end, with the finals likely to be held on Monday, at least for the men, if conditions allow...


Source: PWA IWT Unified Wave Tour
Photos: Fish Bowl Diaries

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