Lina Erpenstein and Camille Juban at the top


In technical conditions that only got better as the day went on, Camille Juban and Lina Erpenstein won the Surazo Infernal Chile World Cup, putting on a great show along the way!
Sunday's Surazo Infernal Chile World Cup in Matanzas, Chile, marked the start of the final stages, with some timid waves that became more and more important as the hours passed and the stakes rose.

In the women's draw, Pauline Katz, Alexia Kiefer Quintana, Sol Degrieck and Lina Erpenstein made up the last four. Coraline Foveau and Justyna Snyadi's careers came to an end just outside the final. While Alexia Kiefer Quintana dominated the heat with a clear lead, Lina Erpenstein was in ambush and a final wave allowed her to take the lead, her first victory at a five-star event. For Kiefer Quintana, 2nd place marked a first podium finish in an event of this stature, while the young Degrieck, aged just 14, took an impressive 3rd place, heralding a promising future.

On the men's side, after high-flying semi-finals in which Morgan Noireaux and Camille Juban impressed with scores of 17.53 and 17 points respectively, the final saw them meet up again with Philip Köster and Victor Fernandez for the final confrontation of the day. Camille Juban was unflappable in conditions that allowed him to show off all his talent, dominating his subject with impeccable turns and monumental airs. With 2 scores of 9.03 and a 9.13, the Guadeloupean's victory is indisputable. Thanks to a beautiful 360 in the wave, Morgan Noireaux concluded his final with an impressive score of 16.80 and took 2nd place, followed by Victor Fernandez and Philip Köster, who were more in the background during this final...


Source: PWA IWT Wave Tour
Photos: Fish Bowl Diaries

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