Cousin Questel and Goyard crowned kings of the Tramontana


The wildest mass start windsurfing race comes to an end in Gruissan, south of France, with a windless summer day. After both making shaky starts, the two French racers managed to come back just in time to go home with the biggest trophies.

Achieving his dream, one of the amateur stated about the event and the organizer’s: “Those guys are nuts, but we love it!” Some came to complete all the races, some came to finish the 35km distance at least one time, and some others windsurfed for the first time ever in more than 35 knots in a dead offshore breeze. For others, the only goal was to beat their friends, their dad or daughter. Starting a race with such a large fleet is also a must do for any windsurfer’s bucket list, as worthy as a trip to the windsurfing mecca of Maui. Young waterman Liam Dunkerbeck (Starboard / Severne Sails), first participation, calls the Defi “entertaining, hard, crazy and captivating”. For the top PWA slalom sailors who attended the Defi in numbers, ambitions were different: wining the famous long distance is a serious target that shines in any racer’s Curriculum Vitae. Battles on the water were tough whether it blew 18-28 knots or 35 + in the windiest races.

Antoine Questel (FMX Racing / S2Maui), 3rd, chose to complete all races on his fins. Matching with the top spots in howling winds, the St Barth resident managed to stay in touch with the front fleet in the lighter races, with efficient power. Antoine Albeau (JP / NeilPryde) adapted his options according to the wind strength. A good mix of fin selection for the firsts races brought him to an early lead when setting his foil on the last day secured him second position overall. Surpassing 1300 racers of all horizons, Nicolas Goyard (Phantom / Phantom Sails / Phantom Foils), the winner, proved once more that he’s a foil master and a leading inspiration for the sport. Thanks to the New Caledonian who believed in foiling at an early stage, windsurfing is reaching a new era. Defi Wind 2022’s edition is clearly opening new visions for the slalom’s elite. Multiple age groups were crowned. Johan Søe (FMX Racing / Point-7) from Denmark, 19, displayed an impressive performance, finishing 9th surrounded by the main PWA racer's fleet. A name to remember in the upcoming years on the slalom tour.
Marion Mortefon (Fanatic / Duotone / LOKEFOIL), Justine Lemeteyer (FMX Racing / S2Maui) and Delphine Cousin Questel (FMX Racing / S2Maui) had a fierce competition, exchanging positions from race to race. At the end, the more experienced of the ladies, Cousin Questel, took the event victory, combining top speed, solid drive on tight reaches and a strong mental strength through a busy pack. Out of more than a hundred ladies on the starting line, amongst the full pack, the young Justine Lemeteyer from north of France is a solid athlete with a powerful potential for the future. Her 2nd place between world champion Cousin Questel, and ahead of local Tramontana specialist Marion Mortefon, confirms her skills. Marion, who for a while was leading the event, completes the podium of an extremely tight finish: Delphine ended in 88th overall position, 90th for Justine and 95th place for Marion.


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Source: Défi Wind
Photos: Jean-Marc Cornu/ - Jean Souville/

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