3 questions to Raoul Joa - part 3 and conclusion


After Craig Gertenbach (see our interviews of the last 2 days), it's now Raoul Joa's turn to answer's questions. In this 3rd and final part, he talks about the future of Duotone as a global brand after giving up the Fanatic name. Will Duotone boards remain in the Fanatic spirit, what's changing and what isn't?
Raoul Joa: Well like we mentioned in the interview already apart from the logo not mach will actually change. Means the board names will remain the same. The design team (Daniel Aeberli, Sebastian Wenzel and Vasin our QC manager on site in Thailand since 10 years) will remain the same. Team riders are the same. Even matching the optix between sails and boards won’t become much better as we had a special focus on this already since a couple of years. But having one logo now will make it look even more unified obviously. Plus Daniel Aeberli and Marco Lang will test every single board and sail together now to ensure an even better match of the product as it has already been.

WJ: What are Duotone Windsurfing's ambitions now that it is a single brand?
RJ: Time is precious nowadays with the information overkill we are living in. Therefore, we want to make it as easy as possible for the customer to find his right gear. Our aim is to simply offer the complete product portfolio with the best products in every category - which I feel is one of the key success factors of our kite division. Everything out of one hand, easy choice through clearly structured range, best products - easier said than done obviously. 


WJ: In a way, is this also the turning of a great page in the history of windsurfing?
RJ: Well hard to predict but 2-3 years from now history will tell us if we have made the right move. But there are some good reasons and a lot of thinking and preparation to (hopefully) make it become a success story. And compared to creating Duotone from scratch in 2018 this one is a piece of cake!


Source: Raoul Joa
Photos: Duotone/John Carter - Duotone/Fish Bowl Diaries

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