The game changer: Foil tacking


The first foil tack ever done, will bring the possibility to have 100 % airtime in Course Racing races as in Slalom! Young talent Harry Joyner from Australia, only 15 years of age, is extremely happy to be the first one to make it, a manoeuvre he had already managed on 17 March.
iQFOiL history was written by 15-year-old Harry Joyner as he foiled through the first-ever tack on his iQFOil equipment live in front of his coaches camera. Since the beginning of windsurf foiling, the first foiling tack has been highly anticipated; seeing it come to life is a massive motivator for all athletes to improve their tacking skills and has huge implications for the future of tactical upwind racing.


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Source: iQFOil Class

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