3 questions to Takuma Sugi


Along with his compatriot Takara Ishii, Japanese rider Takuma Sugi is the other revelation of the SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup in Cape Verde with an 8th place in the prestigious top 10 in the world in the wave discipline. In an interview with Windsurfjournal.com, he talks about this performance...


Windsurfjournal.com: 8th in one of your first senior competitions on the PWA tour, did you expect such a result?
Takuma Sugi : I knew I would probably make the top 10.  I had a lot of training starboard tack in Omaezaki, Japan. I didn’t go on Maui a few years. I was worried about being able to ride the big waves.


WJ: Can you tell us about your course in the single and double elimination?
TS : I was just focused on riding the big waves. Before the competition, I was looking at what kind of waveriders were scoring, and I was able to ride good waves even though it was a long heat.


WJ: With Takara Ishii 6th in this event, this is a historic result for Japanese waveriders, what does this mean to you?
TS: We could inspiration for Japanese windsurfer to see this results. There are many young guns in Japan, and I look forward to their future. My home spot is Zushi. Sometimes we can wave riding there. There’s very good for beginner level, but the wind is not as well prepared as very pozo. Even in such a situation, I'm in the sea every day practicing, and I think the possibilities are endless for us to be able to play an active role in foreign countries.


More about Takuma Sugi: www.instagram.com/takuma.sugi


Source: Takuma Sugi
Photos: Carter/Pwaworldtour.com

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