3 questions to Marcilio Browne


PWA Wave Champion in 2013 and 2022, Brazilian Marcilio Browne is a regular on the World Tour, which he has known for 20 years this year. After the recent merger between the PWA World Tour and the International Windsurfing Tour, he gives us his impressions of this more than promising tour!


Windsurfjournal.com: What do you think about the link between PWA and IWT?
Marcilio Browne : It is great for the sport that we are going in this direction I think. More events in good waves and popular windsurfing spots can only be good for our image and industry, hopefully it will bring some growth to windsurfing. Also with the smaller events it really gives the kids a chance to compete and start moving up in the rankings. These smaller local events also push the locals at their home spots, motivate people to stay in the water and keep the stoke up for the sport. Also, having events throughout most of the year and not having these long 6-8 month breaks in between keeps people engaged in the sport, which I think is super important.


WJ: The calendar was published a few days ago, what do you think?
MB: Amazing, good variety of locations, port and starboard, jump and down the line, new locations. We have an exciting year ahead of us. Places like Japan, Sylt are some of the biggest markets in the world, so it is very important that we go there, also these places have a lot of history. On the other hand Fiji, Tenerife, Maui and Pozo are just iconic, the best conditions on the planet and places where the moves have gone to another level in the past. Hopefully this year we can show the full dimension of windsurfing.


WJ: From now on, waveriders will have to be "tactical" and choose 3 events (or take part in all of them!). Have you already thought about your options?
MB: I think 4 events count, Maui plus 3 others. I plan on doing as many as I can, probably concentrating on the 5 star ones the most. I guess doing more events just gives you more opportunity to do well.


For more information about Marcilio Browne: www.instagram.com/marciliobrowne


Source: Marcilio Browne
Photos: Carter/Pwaworldtour.com

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