3 questions to Camille Juban


Winner of the Surazo Infernal Chile World Cup in Matanzas earlier this month, Camille Juban is proving that he is still one of the best waveriders in the world. After an almost faultless final against some solid opposition, he spoke to Windsurfjournal.com about his performance. His credo remains the same: first and foremost, enjoy yourself in great conditions...


Windsurfjournal.com: 2nd in Chile last year, winner this year, the Matanzas wave seems to suit you?
Camille Juban: The 1st time I went to Chile was in 2017 if I remember correctly. Quatro sent me to Buenos Aires in Argentina and I took the opportunity to take part in an event in the south of Chile. It was a promotional competition in which Quatro and Goya Windsurfing were involved. And during that trip, I went further north to Pichilemu and Mantazas. Then, yes, it's a down the line wave and it's quite technical. It really requires wavesailing because it's not very windy and it requires real pure surfing skills. That's why I feel so good out there...


WJ: With a score of 18.16 in the final, you flew through this final... How did the event go for you, right up to the last four?
CJ: I took this competition like an Aloha Classic, very concentrated, very focused on what I was doing and that's how it worked, I think. When it's like that, it's heat by heat, wave by wave, heat by heat without looking too far ahead and doing what needs to be done. I approached the final in the same way. I was disappointed with the final of the Aloha Classic last year, I was too unfocused before this final heat and I didn't want to make the same mistake again. The idea was to keep my momentum, do what I'd done in the other heats and get through. And apparently it paid off!


WJ: You weren't in Japan and you only took part in 2 PWA IWT Wave Tour events last year. Does this win make you want to get more involved in the tour this season?
CJ: I know this circuit well, having won it 3 times, and I was 100% committed to it. Of course, this victory motivates me for the future, but I've always been honest with myself and with my sponsors. I only want to take part in events where the conditions are down the line, and this victory doesn't change that. I'm sticking to what I wanted to do with Fiji and Maui and, who knows, if I win all 3, I might have a chance of the world title. What I want is to remain myself, to continue on my path, and for there to be beautiful images of the sport. For the moment, I'm sticking to this plan: Chile, Fiji and Maui!


To find out more about Camille Juban: www.instagram.com/camillejuban


Source: Camille Juban
Photos: Fish Bowl Diaries

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3 questions à Camille Juban

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