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Among the best waveriders in the world over the last 10 years, it is as a judge and not as a participant that the Spaniard Alex Mussolini was present in Cape Verde a few weeks ago at the SOMWR 10x Cabo Verde PWA World Cup. For, he looks back on this unique experience... First, why did you participate in this event as a judge and not as a competitor?
Alex Mussolini: Well, basically, I could not find enough funds to keep going on tour. The problem is much bigger than just this, but to make a short resume, its basically this. It was hard to accept that i didn't have the chance to compete but on the other hand we have to be realistic, and maybe I didn't have the level to compete again on the PWA World Tour.

WJ: Can you tell us about this experience, and what was the most difficult part?
AM: I think the worst is to judge your long time friends, but even then It was easy Also because you know every Rider out there, and you know what to expect.

WJ: You are still a rider for AV Board and Challenger Sails, can there be conflicts of interest sometimes, and do you think you will finally renew this experience?
AM: I will if possible to do It again, and for conflicts not at all I am a very honest and professional person, so I would never put my personal interest in front of the others.


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