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iQFOiL history was written by 15-year-old Harry Joyner from Australia as he foiled through the first-ever tack on his iQFOiL equipment live in front of his coach's camera. Since the beginning of windsurf foiling, the first foiling tack has been highly anticipated; seeing it come to life is a massive motivation for all athletes to improve their tacking skills and has huge implications for the future of tactical upwind racing. Interview… Could you introduce yourself for all those who don't know you yet?
Harry Joyner: My name is Harry Joyner a young windfoiler from Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia. I have been windsurfing for 3 year and foiling for 2. I sailed single and double handed dinghy classes. I moved to the ocean to sail out of Fremantle Sailing Club to develop my racing skills that I then could transfer to windsurfing. My biggest success was coming 4th in the Australian Youth Nationals in the 29er class. After seeing the windsurfing Olympic class move from RSX to foiling, it seemed like a great idea to broaden my skill range to move into a foiling class. The Western Australian Institute of Sport was forming an iQFOiL program that provided coaching that would facilitate my development needs.


WJ: Can you tell us about this foil tacking and how long you have been training on it?
HJ : The foiling tack has been on my mind ever since I completed my first foiling gybe I thought “if I can doing a foiling gybe why wouldn’t I be able to do a foiling tack” and here I am today knowing I can do a foiling tack. I have been working on the tack for about a year. The foiling tack has been ticking over in my mind for about a year of brainstorming ideas of ways to do it!!!


WJ: The foil tacking presented by the iQFOil class is quite recent but on your Instagram account, we see that you made the very first one on March 17th, is that correct?
HJ: The first foiling tack I completed was on the 17 of March out of Fremantle Sailing Club on day I decided that I was close to the foiling tack to I have it my all and ended up flying through a foiling tack.


WJ: What's the new name for this exciting move ?
HJ: The Harrack ? (Harry-tack)


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