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» News | Archives » KV-11 signs to RRD : interview !

KV-11 signs to RRD : interview !

Shockwaves rumble in the world of windsurfing at this beginning of July with the surprise transfer, right in the middle of the season, of Finian Maynard to RRD… Why the sudden change, what’s the story behind the story ? Finian Maynard tells it like it is to Windsurfjournal.com !!!

Windsurfjournal.com : Why did you decide to leave F2 for Roberto Ricci Designs ?
Finian Maynard : I have known Roberto Ricci for many years. I was sponsored by RRD in 1996 on my second full year on the PWA tour and I had some very good results on his boards like my first podium finish of 3rd in the World Cup of Paros, Greece. The time seemed right to join the RRD team again as they were looking for a top slalom rider, and I became available in April when F2 became insolvent. I had a great relationship with the F2 guys and still do, but the time to move on was right for my family and I. I wish F2 all the best for the future.

WJ :  Why did you choose RRD and not another manufacturer like JP Australia or Fanatic ?
FM :  The RRD boards fit my style. I have been rigorously testing them in Gran Canaria in different wind strengths before I made my decision to join and I am confident that they can help me to achieve my goals this year once I learn them a little more and get comfortable. I also want to work closely again with Roberto Ricci and his team as they are based in Tuscany and I spend a lot of time these days in Europe, so logistically it made sense for testing and developing for the future.

WJ : Did you have the chance to test the X-Fire series and which ones will you be taking to the Gran Canaria Slalom 42 event ?
FM : I have decided on the 90 and 115 X-Fire boards for Gran Canaria. They were the best sizes that I tested and they are also the sizes that I will need the most in the Canaries.

WJ :  Don’t you think it’s a bit "risky" to change sponsors and equipment in the middle of the season ?
FM : Sure there is a risk involved, but like I stated earlier, I did many hours on the water testing the equipment before I decided to join RRD. At the end of the day, I still need to start well, gybe well and race tactically well, no matter what boards I ride, in order to do well, so if I can do all that then I think I can perform at a good level with these X- Fire boards.

WJ : You had a very good event in Costa Brava, what are your objectives in Slalom 42 discipline this season ?
FM : My objective is to win.

WJ : Regarding speed sailing, what are your plans for next winter ? Do you think we have a good chance to see a new edition of the Masters of Speed event ?
FM : The Masters of Speed generally gets decided in August so news about the event will be made public at that time. For the moment, I have many things to think about with the 2 big slalom races in Gran Canaria and Fuerte and the Speed World Championships also in Fuerte. It will be an exciting month !

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